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Books (Monograph)

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2021)  The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey: Citizenship, Communication and Convergence.  London:Palgrave. 

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Book chapters

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2020) “Online news consumption habits of university students in Greece and Turkey”, in Karagotziani, A and Veneti, A (eds) Digital Journalism and Political Communication in Greece: A Reader. Emerald. ​

  • Yanardagolu, E and Turhallı, N  (2020) From TRT to Netflix: Implication of Convergence on Television  Drama in Turkey, in kaptan, Y and Algan, E (eds) Local productions, Transnational aspirations: Television in Turkey.Palgrave.

  • Yanardağoğlu, E and Elbaş D (2019) The Fact-checking initiatives in Turkey in Post-Mainstream Media Environment , in Erbaysal-Filibeli, T and Şener (eds) The State of the Informational Sphere in the Post-Tuth Era Peter Lang. 

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2019) “The Media and Media Policy”, in Özerdem, Alp. And Whiting Matthew. (eds.)  The Routledge Handbook of Turkish Politics. London: Routledge 

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2018)  “Communication as Political Action: Gezi Park and Online Content Producers”, in Murat Akser and Victoria McCollum (eds.) Alternative Media in Turkey: Sustainability,Activism and Resistence. London: Rowman and Littlefield. 

  • Yanardağoğlu, E and Tılıç, L. D (2014) Foreign Correspondents in Turkey, in Terzis, G. (ed.)  Mapping Foreign Correspondence in European Countries. London: Routledge.

  • Yanardagoglu, E. (2014) ‘Maintenance of cultural identity in ‘fragile’ communities: The Greek Orthodox Minority media in Turkey’. In: Lytra, V. (ed) When Greek Meets Turk. London: Ashgate.

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2014)  “ TV Series and the City: Istanbul as a market for Local Dreams and Transnational Fantasies”, in  Dilek Koçak and Orhan Kemal Koçak (eds.)  Whose City Is That? Culture, Design, Spectacle and Capital in Istanbul. New Castle Upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

  • Yanardagoglu, E. (2009) ‘Maintaining old traditions of media diversity in Europe: the non-Muslim minority media in Turkey’. In: Charles, A. (ed) Media in the Enlarged Europe. Bristol: Intellect.

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Peer-reviewed scientific articles

  • Yanardagoglu, E (2020) “Just the way my generation reads the news”: News Consumption habits of youth in Turkey and the UK", Global Media and Communication,Sage . Published Fastrack . DOI:10.1177/1742766520979729

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2020) “I stopped reading newspapers because of the internet!”: News consumption behaviour of youth in Greece and Turkey” Journal of Digital Media and Policy. Published Fastrack. DOI  

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2017). Citizenship, media and activism in Turkey during Gezi Park protests. Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture, 8, 2, 133-150. 

  • Alankuş, S and Yanardağoğlu, E (2016) "Seesaw in Turkey's Popular Global TV Exports: Toward a More Complex Understanding of Distribution", International Journal of Communication, 10, 3615-3631. [Online] Available at: 

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2014) “ Covering Turkey: The Dilemmas of Foreign Corespondents between the Desk and the Field”. İleti-ş-im. Sayı. 20, Haziran. S. 99-116.

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2014) “Changing Practices in International Broadcasting: the BBC World Service Example”. İlef Dergisi, Sayı.1, Bahar. S.11-31.

  • Yanardagoglu, E and Karam, I. (2013) "The fever that hit Arab satellite Television: Audience perceptions of the Turkish TV series”. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 20:5, 561-579.Taylor and Francis. [Online]. Available at:

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Publications intended for professional communities and general public

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2014) Media Barometer, A Home Grown Analysis of the media landscape in Turkey. F. Ebert Stiftung Turkey Office . (Rapporteur)

  • Yanardağoğlu, E (2017). The media and the failed coup in Turkey: Televised, Tweeted and FaceTimed, yet so 20th century. Global Media and Communication, 13, 2, 195-199.

Publications: Metin
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